Company Profile

Conly is a premium residential construction company servicing Architects in the Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula area. Conly specialise in bespoke Architectural residential dwellings and boutique apartments.

Experience and Expertise

Conly offers 30+ years of experience & expertise to deliver a range of project styles and sizes. From minimalist detailed contemporary designs through to neo-classical projects and heritage works. Conly’s team of experienced professionals have an extensive track record of delivering architecturally detailed projects of the highest calibre. Our depth of experience coupled with our technical knowlegde & buildability expertise enable Conly to identify risks & opportunities early to allow refinement during the project.


Based on our past projects with consistent positive Architect feedback and repeat business we are confident in our ability to firstly understand then deliver on time, budget and foremost quality. We strive for defect free projects with pride and are committed to the long-term satisfaction of our clients. We are achieving this by extending our reputation as a quality focused and dependable partner to Victoria’s leading Architects and developers.